Whole Wheat Flour and Multigrain Pizza: Do You Know Its Benefits?
July 27, 2019 at 5:00 PM
by Via Italia Woodfired Pizza & Bar

Whole Wheat Flour and Multigrain Pizza: Do You Know Its Benefits? BLOG
The secret of pizza lies in the ingredients The secret, as is obvious, lies in the ingredients used; first of all the flour used for the dough. Although the one present in most of our recipes is the type 00, for several years, however, the integral one has been increasingly used. Unlike the first it is less refined, and has now become part of the daily diet of many people. Including pizza. Why wholemeal flour? Simple: because the 00 flour is no longer what it used to be and it has lost several original qualities of wheat. On the contrary, instead, the integral one is decidedly richer in fundamental nutrients for our body, such as fibers. And it is starting from this awareness that we have decided to work also with wholemeal flour and multigrain. As far as processing is concerned, the main difference is in the leavening and maturation time: if for the 00 flour even 12 hours are enough, for the whole flour it must wait at least 48h in order to create the dough. What are the benefits? Thanks to the presence of the fibers, the integral pizza has a much better digestibility: the difference is felt in the lightness of the pizza itself and in the absence of swelling or a sense of heaviness that often, instead, occurs after having eaten one. In addition to the fact that the fiber induces a sense of early satiety, it definitely improves the intestinal function and helps to prevent a series of diseases related to the colon. This is because it reduces the absorption of harmful substances and reduces the absorption of fat and cholesterol. Furthermore, since whole wheat flour has a lower glycemic index, it is recommended for those suffering from diabetes. Now you just need to come and try your pizza with whole wheat flour or multigrain from Via Italia ... also, why do you find a pizza like this ?!